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Exorcism: Symbols of Pain and the Begninning of Recovery is the result of a deep introspective dive into my experiences with what is called Religious Trauma Syndrome. I was raised Evangelical Christian and while I thought I had left those beliefs behind, it turns out there was much more to the way it affected my life and ability to engage with the world and with myself. This book is a collection of drawings and poems as well as some contextual words and resources for those who may have had similar experiences.

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But they're obviously monsters! or: how to have positive discussions with people you disagree with

But They're Obviously MONSTERS! Or: How To Have Positive Discussions With People You Disagree With is a small, enjoyable guide to having complex discussions with people you may not see eye to eye with. Conceived as a counterbalance to the ways in which social media has altered our ways of interacting, it is presented as a straightforward and entertaining step by step guide with an appendix that goes deeper into important issues revolving around communication and relationships.

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Get It, or: why art is also for you

Get It, Or: Why Art Is Also For You is a brief, lighthearted guide to engaging with contemporary art. Written in plain English with fun illustrations and a more in-depth appendix, it is intended to provide an entry for people curious about contemporary art and new things to think about for people who aren't new to it.

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