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But They're Obviously MONSTERs!
Or: how to have positive discussions with people you disagree with

But They're Obviously MONSTERS! Or: How To Have Positive Discussions With People You Disagree With was conceived and created as a counterweight to the ways in which social media has affected our approaches to discourse and engagement with individuals we disagree with. It is presented as a fun and stylish step by step guide - written in plain English with lighthearted illustrations - followed by an in-depth appendix discussing intricacies of listening, language, and information gathering, as well as the importance of empathy and relationships when trying to express or understand differing world views. Expressing ideas on social media often ends up very superficial, with vast amounts of context and nuance being lost in the translation from idea to comment or post. That lost context can exacerbate existing social fractures and create new ones where there is no need for one to exist. This book aims to rediscover that context and nuance in a way that is enjoyable and understandable.

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