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Monsterwatch Poster.jpg

Monsterwatch at timbrrr! Fest

I designed and hand screen printed a run of these posters that were sold as souvenir posters at Easy Street Records' booth at Timbrrr! Fest 2019 in Leavenworth.

International CLash Day 2019

I designed and screen printed this poster inspired by the song, "Rudie Can't Fail," for KEXP's International Clash Day poster show which was exhibited at the KEXP Gathering Space in Seattle Center and Studio 9294 in London.

Rudie Rock.jpg

Defenders of Excellence
Film Revue

DOE-BT6 copy.jpg
DOE-BluesBrothers2 copy.jpg

The Defenders of Excellence Film Revue was a hypothetical film festival I generated as a structure for a poster design exercise. The main poster is 18" x 24" format - designed for theater poster displays and souvenirs - with the two smaller ones being 11" x 17" designed for telephone poles
and poster marketing.

DOE-Fest-1 copy.jpg
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